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  • Formed: Oct 24, 2008
  • I decided to make a group for all my homies! Together, we can take on the world! We are a very active group constantly playing team & vote matches. Join today! :-)

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  • NB, I don't think we play that much anymore here.

    by X301 15 months ago

  • Hey Narz, I was reading a thread and looked at your bio and found this. I'm new here. Hopefully my rating goes up quickly to show my true strength.

    by NaturalBreeze 16 months ago

  • Thanks X301, 2008 FIDE also :) Sorry I haven't done much with the team but it was fun while it lasted. :)

    by Narz 3 years ago

  • Update: Narz broke 2000 USCF

    by X301 3 years ago

  • One more slot available in this match

    by DaveShack 5 years ago

  • We badly need some more players in this match

    by blackfirestorm666 5 years ago

  • lock

    by Kacparov 5 years ago

  • So shall we lock this or cancel?

    by VuduChile 5 years ago

  • Team match - Anyone else interested?

    by VuduChile 5 years ago

  • Well i'm super admin on team britain so i'll be on that side but i'll join our other :))

    by blackfirestorm666 6 years ago