NCAAF Chess League

  • United States 
  • Formed: May 22, 2011
  • For all people participating in the NCAAF Chess League, beginning next fall

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  • ky sucks

    by hariseth 12 months ago

  • SO...I'm assuming that this league is no longer active? Anyone interested in getting this started back up? We can create a new and active NCAA Chess League is so.

    by LucasPersell 13 months ago

  • hi

    by Dr_J_is_here 17 months ago

  • *BUMP* :)

    by Samsch 3 years ago

  • I sent all of Michigan's opponent's challenges, so nobody needs to challenge us

    by mattattack99 5 years ago

  • Deadline for new teams is Aug 20, then I will devise schedules. Not as many teams as I would like, but I'll make do

    by mattattack99 5 years ago

  • Still inviting teams

    by mattattack99 5 years ago

  • 8 teams

    by mattattack99 5 years ago

  • It's going to be vote chess, but not until fall when college football starts. If I get enough teams soon enough we could start earlier though.

    by mattattack99 5 years ago

  • When do matches start? Florida is ready

    by Dan_V 5 years ago