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New Athens

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 2, 2012
  • Part chess... part historical re-enactment...

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  • Grow the team? Sounds like a good idea.

    by LazorSword 15 months ago

  • And the Roman Senate.

    by Stormbringer 15 months ago

  • jonathanstepney makes decisions like that.

    by shahhussainkcl 15 months ago

  • True that

    by Sun777 15 months ago

  • It's more an archaeological site now. Have a look around to see what we used to do around here.

    by shahhussainkcl 15 months ago

  • HI Athens, hope you will accept our team challenge for Legio II

    by Daywalker01 17 months ago

  • Dear friends! Team Novosibirsk (Russia) invites you to a match. Good luck to all! :)

    by uncleDima 19 months ago

  • We have been challenged by uncleDima (a gentleman warrior as far I can gather). The walls shall not fall against this new threat. We shall use this conflict as an opportunity to spread the ideals of civilisation far and wide. Please stand with me at the wall when the armies march on us and help me inspire our enemies to a higher plane through a show of our dignified courage.

    by shahhussainkcl 19 months ago

  • We are going to visit Grrece in April. Where to rent a car in Athens, except the airport?

    by haskovec 20 months ago


    by shahhussainkcl 20 months ago