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New Hampshire

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 20, 2011
  • This is the group for all players of New Hampshire that want to represent New Hampshire in the US Chess League and against other teams.

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  • Yes, we need at least one more to join the match or we forfeit, if I understand correctly.

    by camobear 26 hours ago

  • Brian, are you going to join us against Ohio?

    by edrogers37 29 hours ago

  • New match against Ohio! All hands on deck!

    by edrogers37 42 hours ago

  • Yes, I didn't realize it but USCL 2017 is starting already. I just accepted a challenge from Rhode Island.

    by Capa_a 44 hours ago

  • Good to have you back, Brian. Do we have any more interstate matches on the horizon?

    by edrogers37 3 days ago

  • Welcome to the new members! Ed - Thanks for the recruiting !

    by Capa_a 5 days ago

  • Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I had some personal/family issues and chess wasn't on my radar lately..

    by Capa_a 5 days ago

  • Any teammates heading to Indy for the US Open in a couple weeks?

    by wdaly 10 days ago

  • If anyone wants to join Team USA's match against Russia while you're waiting for another interstate match, the link is here:

    by edrogers37 11 days ago

  • Welcome Jim!

    by edrogers37 11 days ago