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New Hampshire

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 20, 2011
  • This is the group for all players of New Hampshire that want to represent New Hampshire in the US Chess League and against other teams.

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  • It would be helpful if we could attract more players. Hard for me to do that since I moved from Concord to S. New Mexico.

    by wdaly 40 hours ago

  • Well done. It was their admin who accused us of roster manipulation. If he should bring it up again, I would like to inform him that I was our 1500 player that dropped out of the match, and I did it entirely on my own.

    by camobear 2 days ago

  • The 3 board match against Indiana is over. We won 4.5 - 1.5 !!

    by wdaly 3 days ago

  • My fault. I just accepted Kentucky's challenge. If anyone wants to be an admin, please let me know.

    by Capa_a 3 days ago

  • Thanks Bill. It appears that for our next round a challenge was due to have been issued 2/5/16. I wonder which team is responsible for issuing the challenge.

    by camobear 3 days ago

  • Here it is camo -

    by wdaly 3 days ago

  • Hi, all. I cannot find the schedule for this season. Does anyone have the link they can share please?

    by camobear 4 days ago

  • Well said.

    by edrogers37 4 weeks ago

  • [4] We don't want to win all our matches just because the lower rated players on our team didn't participate. Playing good chess, having fun, and learning are the main things here. Winning is just a nice extra on top of all that ;)

    by Capa_a 4 weeks ago

  • [3] So far in the 2016 matches, we have outranked our opponents in a large majority of the match ups, which is good for our score, but not necessarily good overall..

    by Capa_a 4 weeks ago