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New Mexico Chess Players

  • New Mexico, USA United States 
  • Formed: Apr 24, 2008
  • This group is for people that play chess in the beautiful state of New Mexico. The primary goal of this group is to compete in the US State Chess League, but If you're from NM, play chess in NM, or are just interested in NM, feel free to join! Post analysis of your games here, or advertise your own local events too.

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  • heh, I'll take some luck if the lady offers

    by BigDoggProblem 2 days ago

  • We don't need luck, we need patience and skill

    by Currents 3 days ago

  • :P good luck to us then

    by SmashOpen 4 days ago

  • Qa'pla!

    by GeneralChang 4 days ago

  • Most of us are but were tough!

    by GeneralChang 4 days ago

  • lol, im outrated by a few hundred points

    by SmashOpen 4 days ago

  • We are currently outrated against Iowa. Please sign up if you can and lets bring our best games!

    by s7silver 8 days ago

  • If you previously signed up for the match vs Iowa (USCL 2017 round 1), please double check that you are still signed up. The original match had to be canceled due to incorrect parameters.

    by s7silver 12 days ago

  • The new, updated, match vs Iowa is now open. Please join! This match replaces the current match vs Iowa (that hasn't started yet).

    by s7silver 12 days ago

  • Sorry, my bad with the challenge set up to only 1 game at a time.. re-issuing the match challenge.

    by Spacebux 13 days ago