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  • The Land beyond the visible horizon International 
  • Formed: Jul 23, 2009
  • A group for our own enjoyment as FUN players, we play like minded teams/players ,we also just play amongst ouselves , whichever way it goes let's just all have fun with chess, explore it, be elaborate, be unorthodox, laugh at it and have fun without fear of loss or win

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  • No errror, thank god!! I've set up a new tournament so sign up. The first 10 only are guaranteed a place.

    by cappatel 7 years ago

  • Hi guys, I think I've made a gross error in the latest tournament. There's only one match to go but the tourney stats say that it's only 92% complete. I think there may be another round.

    by cappatel 7 years ago

  • I can't wait for the next one to start - not too fussed which opening though...

    by adtopp 7 years ago

  • no problems Uday - sorry to be holding it up....

    by Larsera 7 years ago

  • I thought the tournament was almost over but there are still some matches to go - sorry Tim, Ray and Jacky. Paul is still the winner though. Nothing can change that now.

    by cappatel 7 years ago

  • Well done Paul, no suprise I have won about 3games out of 40 against Paul- well done

    by douggie 7 years ago

  • Thanks a lot! However, Uday, you gave my everything I could handle out there!

    by chemaster0016 7 years ago

  • With only 1 game left in the 2nd NO FEAR Benko Tournament, it looks like Paul (chemaster) is the winner. Well done Paul.

    by cappatel 7 years ago

  • Gruenfeld sounds good. I'll try to set up a tournament by the weekend.

    by cappatel 7 years ago

  • Never heard of it Paul, so that sounds good to me

    by douggie 7 years ago