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North Korea

  • North Korea 
  • Formed: Jun 21, 2010
  • Please join! My Stupid Friend left me here all alone,Please keep me company. Und he also left me here with a picture of himself naked looking like he's drunk and thats not me ok. starman skullz left me alone in this group and it sucks. please join!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • wtf

    by Killer110011123 23 months ago

  • seriously wtf

    by Renny54 3 years ago

  • wierd

    by kieal 5 years ago

  • I hate this group.

    by DavisGoGo 6 years ago

  • i'll keep you company

    by DavisGoGo 6 years ago

  • if you can ask your friend to join that would be good and even...thanks

    by dhey 6 years ago