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[P]* King,s

  • :-) International 
  • Formed: Apr 12, 2009
  • for people who love ches.. Life is a kind of Chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events.

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  • Hi! Please to lock Your team ,,(P)' King,s" against my group ,,The kings of chess" and to start our match. I'm superadmin of group ,,The kings of chess". Thank You very much.

    by BabicMirko 4 years ago

  • Happy Valentine's day chessies!

    by dnornii 5 years ago

  • Hello every one , anything on the agenda ?

    by soldierpiper 5 years ago

  • let us start plz :

    by mitto 5 years ago

  • i used to be the leader of this group :)

    by chuzzlechamp 7 years ago

  • I just posted a home made video on my blog with music from Queen.

    by Xavi_P 7 years ago

  • Welcome to the group OLYMPIAKARAS

    by dnornii 7 years ago

  • Too busy playin' games.

    by JimEBau 7 years ago

  • why not come and try my group fox

    by ped123 7 years ago

  • hi everyone im in the admin of a team called fox and I was wondering if as many of you as possiable will join as we are after the animal cup and we really wont to try to grow and develope please tell as many as your friends as possiable

    by ped123 7 years ago