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Park Forest Chess Club

  • Chicago IL United States 
  • Formed: Dec 6, 2011
  • We were an over the board chess club that played together for over 50 years until the cost of meeting place became unsustainable. We are reforming online and invite players from all over the world to join us. We will be holding tournaments and participating in matches. If you like interesting chess, we are a fun group to join.

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  • Looking forward to it.

    by craighullinger 4 years ago

  • Sounds great.

    by Zen 4 years ago

  • Thanks for the invite

    by rlozinak 5 years ago

  • Thanks for the invitation. I used to live in Park Forest and Park Forest South many years ago.

    by craighullinger 5 years ago

  • I used to live in Park forest!

    by rlozinak 5 years ago

  • Thank you for the invitation, let's play some games!

    by Suad60 5 years ago