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peace 4 all

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  • Formed: Dec 9, 2011
  • this is a group for all players who wants to improve his/her game. can you help us? do you have any experience in couches? do you have any thing to share? ok what are you waiting for ? come and join us. have fun!

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  • hi

    by sorouush 3 years ago

  • let's play chess! hi! artcom team

    by MajorChinga 4 years ago

  • hi

    by Vit555 4 years ago

  • peace, luv and happiness

    by rtbgolf 4 years ago

  • Hi! (I just joined too. :) )

    by Elizabeth0 4 years ago

  • Hallo evrybody

    by Mohammad_Zaher_Assil 4 years ago

  • I started a thread in general​chess discussion where I make ​videos of Vote chess games. ​​w/general/my-chesscom-voteches​s-game-analysis-thread

    by aww-rats 4 years ago

  • thanks for having me aboard! Since you ask help for coaching, see my program I have online, link is in my profile. My group for the free online video lessons is the fastest growing group here, feel free to join.

    by aww-rats 4 years ago