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Piano Players of Chess.com.

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 11, 2009
  • People who play, loves the sound, or used to play the piano. We are a group who loves classical music. We are trained classically and by the best teachers around.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewvCw--t-DY

    by SergeevA94 4 months ago

  • I am... working on Bach toccata and fuge in D minor right now, also Chopin nocturn op. 48, no. 1

    by safagatws 4 months ago

  • i play classic...though im not a musician :)

    by taechess 4 months ago

  • Any classical musicians?

    by ChopinKnight 4 months ago

  • improvising. jazz...:-)

    by pianoguy58 4 months ago

  • I don't really know. Randomly playing I guess, but I don't know.

    by redscale 4 months ago

  • What do you call it when you just play around trying to find a sound. Not a song, or a recognizable piece. Doodling?

    by joe7don 4 months ago

  • I think I'll go play the piano for a few minutes. Just curious, what type of music does anyone here like to listen to or play or both?

    by pianoguy58 4 months ago

  • Well, time to time yeah........

    by redscale 4 months ago

  • So is this group still active at all?

    by taechess 4 months ago

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