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  • Hello is the chess in your country

    by Qanas1 35 hours ago

  • hello.. testing chat

    by mar1bilao 5 days ago

  • sir edgardo ponsica

    by davidefranconeil 6 days ago

  • sir franco davide

    by edgardoponsica 6 days ago

  • edgardoponsica

    by edgardoponsica 6 days ago

  • sali ho tayo sa team matches natin

    by iemkarel 6 days ago


    by Rochamsky 6 days ago

  • helo

    by Rochamsky 6 days ago

  • ok sge sir ray, ako ang bahala dito

    by iemkarel 4 weeks ago

  • Okay Iemkarel ikaw na ang gumawa nang mga team matches dito. Tulad ng sinabi ko gagawa din ako ng team matches dito.

    by RayDuqueIII 4 weeks ago