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Powerful Pawns

  • The Chess Board International 
  • Formed: Oct 1, 2012
  • To us pawns are not just a worthless 1 point piece on the board. They are POWERFUL! The are infact the soul of chess. All Attacks, all defenses, and every plan includes pawns. They help a player win the game! Powerful Pawns offers FREE chess lessons to all its members because here at powerful pawns we care and want you to get better. We also offer free game analysis, free tactics, tournaments, vote chess and more. Chess is a fun game we would would enjoy having you join us to share the love of chess!

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  • Please lock your team:

    by ChristopherBtrapper 5 days ago

  • Tried to join, like against the Aww Rats group and it will not let me join. did not "see" a rating criteria, but I am also a member or Awww Rats...that an issue?

    by Chess4Him 6 days ago

  • We are a little out rated in team matches! Please check where you stand and join some if possible! Thanks!

    by MasterMatthew52 6 days ago

  • U1800 Starts Feb. 9th!

    by MasterMatthew52 6 days ago

  • Also, we will be locking soon. (1 week per move if interested)

    by MasterMatthew52 7 days ago

  • The pawn is a baby queen :P

    by MasterMatthew52 7 days ago

  • In our match "U1500 Power" with Knights of the Realm we have room for a few more players to join. Can we show this team the Pawn can outplay the Knight. Join and enjoy.

    by Oldguy418 8 days ago

  • We have a ton of matches starting tomorrow per rating range! Try to join the ones you fit in! Thanks.

    by MasterMatthew52 9 days ago


    by MasterMatthew52 9 days ago

  • join this club

    by GMSeaslessspark 13 days ago