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"we aren't pros...just joes" Texas Chess

  • Dallas,TX United States 
  • Formed: Nov 22, 2011
  • If your're looking for a group to join within Texas look no further. We are a group out of Dallas with a passion to play chess whether its to play in tourneys,against friends,to better our games and most importantly for fun. Not from Texas? No problem. ANYONE AND EVERYONE of all ages, locations and skill levels are encouraged and more than welcome to team up with us. "We aren't pros...just joes" Join our group if you absolutely love the game and are always looking for a challenge.

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  • accept team matches where the rating cap is open:)

    by thaskaiser 5 years ago

  • what kind of fun group is that.....and yes we are over 21

    by jayfive 5 years ago