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Salt Lake City Chess Players

  • Salt Lake City, UT United States 
  • Formed: May 30, 2009
  • Live in the greater Salt Lake area? Have a passion for chess? Looking to learn how to play? Join this group to hook up with local chess players! Find opponents/hobbyists from the area to play face to face, or online!

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  • Hey there chess lovers, I'm in West Jordan looking for people to get together with for games and instructions

    by Fenderbendergender 7 weeks ago

  • There is also a roaming chess odyssesy FB group that players use to communicate about informal gatherings to play.

    by DDayman 3 months ago

  • I am not aware of clubs in Utah County. Sobeermike, there are several clubs in Salt Lake. There is a list at (also tournaments). Website is new so there will be bugs. Two of the active clubs are at Chick Fil A in Sugarhouse on Tuesdays and Applebees in Tville on Wednesdays.

    by DDayman 3 months ago

  • I live in Lehi, moving to Vineyard. Anyone that far south, and anyone know of clubs in Utah County?

    by zcelloman 4 months ago

  • Salt Lake players! Is there any of you that get together and play on a regular basis somewhere? I'd love to have some in person friends to play with... :) Mike.

    by Sobeermike 4 months ago

  • In the salt lake area Sunday 03/06 Looking for a good game

    by otiebar2 8 months ago

  • always interested in playing, hmu if you guys play irl

    by slcacid 12 months ago

  • I live in Bountiful if anyone is interested in playing some chess, please let me know.

    by chessnut52 12 months ago

  • i live in sandy, and I hate playing online. If a couple of fellows want to meet up regularly around the sub salt lake area, please let me know.

    by deadlydairyfarmer 14 months ago

  • +Zepriffier There is a quick chess tournament every Saturday when not conflicting with other tournaments. Visit for more info.

    by azurepurity 17 months ago

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