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Seattle Mariner fans

  • Seattle, WA United States 
  • Formed: Jul 12, 2011
  • A group of lost souls hopelessly dedicated to a team that hasn't even made the World Series in their 35+ years of existence. We will play team matches and maybe some vote chess once we get some people together. Go M's!!!

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  • We shall be lucky if we get to .500 this year, but next year will be dynamite, huge. You'll see.

    by Roofless 5 months ago

  • Iwakuma!!!

    by Roofless 6 months ago

  • Guti with the Granny!!!! Instead of Refuse to Lose, it is now Refuse to Suck...

    by Roofless 7 months ago

  • alright Montgomery!

    by Roofless 8 months ago

  • Last night Rodney comes into the game in the 9th with a 7 run lead, and still gives up a run!

    by Roofless 8 months ago

  • 2 saves in a row for Smith!

    by Roofless 8 months ago

  • or at least make him the 7th or 8th inning reliever, and let Smith close

    by Roofless 8 months ago

  • it may be time to bench Rodney...

    by Roofless 8 months ago

  • Prediction for 2015: 91 wins

    by Roofless 11 months ago

  • actually sang "Mr Lo Mo Risin" to the tune of L.A. woman by the Doors, right before he hit that 3 run jack. Will do that every time Morrison bats from now on.

    by Roofless 17 months ago