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  • Seattle, WA United States 
  • Formed: Jul 12, 2011
  • A group of lost souls hopelessly dedicated to a team that hasn't even made the World Series in their 35+ years of existence. We will play team matches and maybe some vote chess once we get some people together. Go M's!!!

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  • funny, 14 days ago it was over, and suddenly, everything, including the schedule, is in our favor!

    by Roofless 5 weeks ago

  • with Diaz giving up the homerun to lose last night, the season is officially over. Was fun while it lasted...

    by Roofless 7 weeks ago

  • got lucky against the Angels tonight, Diaz held it together, and it is good to bury the Angels AND Astros even more....

    by Roofless 2 months ago

  • Well, we certainly are not out of things anymore!

    by Roofless 2 months ago

  • good win off the Cano homer, and that should be the end of the Cischek era.

    by Roofless 3 months ago

  • the walk off homer routine is fun, but how long can we get away with this? Also, trading Montgomery is an interesting decison, the 1B we got back must be a real prospect.

    by Roofless 3 months ago

  • alright, changed my mind about Lind, he is no longer worthless.

    by Roofless 3 months ago

  • Daaaaaaee Ho! Wooooooo!!!

    by Roofless 4 months ago

  • That was awesome. This game may ruin the Padre franchise and force them to move away...

    by Roofless 5 months ago

  • game aint over yet, although 9-3 only looks bad.

    by Roofless 5 months ago