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  • Formed: Dec 7, 2008
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  • Nice one, Dan.

    by wearsider 2 days ago

  • I've just signed us up for the Champions League. Some more competitive games for us and we only need a minimum of 5 players per match.

    by Mullen 3 days ago

  • It is great for the kids. My son Christopher did it against Swindon 24 years ago. It'll be nice for your boy if he was mascot for the game that saved our season! He didn't get much airtime though.

    by wearsider 8 days ago

  • Yeah he did Alan

    by honkeysausage 12 days ago

  • Did he walk out with Mannone, Mark?

    by wearsider 12 days ago

  • That's really good to hear hotkeysausage

    by HakMat 13 days ago

  • My boy was one of the Mascots at the weekend, we had an amazing day. Got to meet and greet all of the players and have to say Cattermole was brilliant with them on and off the pitch. Sunderland and Norwich City showed excellent hospitality to us . He even got signed Defoe shirt. All his dreams came true in one day.

    by honkeysausage 13 days ago

  • Great result today. Shame about Swansea. We've got a good showing against Chelsea but a couple of more players would be great. I need lo lock the game this weekend so this is the last call.

    by wearsider 2 weeks ago

  • Delete Chelsea have suddenly added a few players and they are starting to outrate us. We need more players!!

    by wearsider 4 weeks ago

  • We're doing ok in the Bayern match - despite my dismal showing. We also have a very good lineup against Chelsea. Any more entrants, or any level, should improve it more.

    by wearsider 4 weeks ago