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Sunderland AFC

  • Sunderland England 
  • Formed: Dec 7, 2008
  • A group for all fans of Sunderland AFC.

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  • thanks

    by KingRonnie2005 6 weeks ago

  • can you guys plz accept the match against Toronto fc, thanks alot

    by KingRonnie2005 6 weeks ago

  • We have a bit of catching up to do in the Bayern match. Sign up everyone, if you haven't already.

    by wearsider 2 months ago

  • Thanks Peter. Please all, sign up for our next Champions League match:

    by wearsider 3 months ago

  • Champions League R5: Sunderland AFC vs Atletico de Madrid:

    by pga256 3 months ago

  • Slavia Praha n the Champions League:

    by Mullen 3 months ago

  • Nice one, Mark. It was a very good move. Don't make it sound like an accident.

    by wearsider 4 months ago

  • I have to say I have just beaten a Boca Juniors Player with a ranking of 1637, to make it 1-3 to them. I am quite proud of that killer move I made ha-ha

    by honkeysausage 4 months ago

  • Sorry, I keep missing these as I mainly use the app. I'll try and check more frequently.

    by mooper_dooper 4 months ago

  • We could really do with a couple more for the Chile game.

    by wearsider 4 months ago