Tally Team Users

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  • Formed: Nov 1, 2008
  • * * "Everything Short of an Engine!" * * Correspondence Chess allows the in-game use of databases, books or any outside help (not chess engines or other players) - while playing. This discussion http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/a-tally-of-database-users--non-users proposed a experimental match between Users & Non-Users. (See also http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/using-books--databases-for-playing-turn-based)

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  • I see a couple of Team Match challenges have come in. I'll give these a few days - then switch off the setting that allows groups to challenge us if there are no takers.

    by artfizz 6 years ago

  • I'm not in the mood for a vote chess game. When possible, I'm putting my effort into a couple of turn-based games. Note that since I posted last I have a super duper laptop with Deep Rybka 4, Mega DB, and more, all from ChessBase.

    by ozzie_c_cobblepot 6 years ago

  • Since this group does not really exist any more, it's hard to know how to respond to this ... Good Day. Hi I am one of the Admins at Praxis and we were wondering if your group would like a Vote Chess Game with us. It should be fun Users v None Users What do you think? All the best, Bert

    by artfizz 6 years ago

  • nope, but we're all still users!

    by ozzie_c_cobblepot 7 years ago

  • Hi everyone!! I'm back!! Did you miss me? ;-) No activity since last year, eh?

    by Billium248 7 years ago

  • happy new year

    by gregorybyers 8 years ago

  • Wahey - our first vote chess points! Well done everyone.

    by jonnyjupiter 8 years ago

  • books are for revision and training ! heh heh

    by lostapiece 8 years ago

  • How about this slogan! "With an open mind and an open book we shall prosper in chess." Feel free to change it...

    by TheAOD 8 years ago

  • I use chessgames.com and books mostly. I also analyse my games with Fritz after and make notes of improvements. I look at the dbase games explorer here on chess.com but the quality of games and players is very variable. I also review the games of my stronger opponents to see what openings they do well and poorly against.

    by MM78 8 years ago