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Team California

  • Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, CA. United States 
  • Formed: Jun 8, 2009
  • Team California is a group of individuals who represent the state of California. All chess players from north or south of California are welcomed to join, share and support. We also welcome individuals from all parts of the world who love the state of California and who are willing to support this team. About the state: California is a state located on the West Coast of the United States. It is the most populous U.S. state, home to 1 out of 8 Americans (38 million people), and is the third largest state by area (after Alaska and Texas).

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  • Perhaps they are not stars but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones shines down to let us know they are happy Eskimo Legend

    by ChessbrotherJon 27 hours ago

  • Everyone has highs and lows that they have to learn from, but every morning I start off with a good head on my shoulders, saying to myself, 'It's going to be a good day!'.

    by ChessbrotherJon 3 days ago

  • Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. Helen Keller

    by ChessbrotherJon 4 days ago

  • Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

    by ChessbrotherJon 3 weeks ago

  • I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.

    by ChessbrotherJon 3 weeks ago

  • We may give without loving, but we cannot love without giving.

    by ChessbrotherJon 3 weeks ago

  • Have A Fun Cinco de Mayo my California Teammates.

    by ChessbrotherJon 4 weeks ago

  • Ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo:Watch stars rain down from the sky in the best meteor shower this month—and if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the best meteor shower of the year.

    by ChessbrotherJon 4 weeks ago

  • welcome!HappyChessBear

    by ChessbrotherJon 4 weeks ago

  • welcome!

    by adithyasara 4 weeks ago