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Team California

  • Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, CA. United States 
  • Formed: Jun 8, 2009
  • Team California is a group of individuals who represent the state of California. All chess players from north or south of California are welcomed to join, share and support. We also welcome individuals from all parts of the world who love the state of California and who are willing to support this team. About the state: California is a state located on the West Coast of the United States. It is the most populous U.S. state, home to 1 out of 8 Americans (38 million people), and is the third largest state by area (after Alaska and Texas).

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  • Have A Fun Cinco de Mayo my California Teammates.

    by ChessbrotherJon 119 minutes ago

  • Ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo:Watch stars rain down from the sky in the best meteor shower this month—and if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the best meteor shower of the year.

    by ChessbrotherJon 22 hours ago

  • welcome!HappyChessBear

    by ChessbrotherJon 39 hours ago

  • welcome!

    by adithyasara 40 hours ago

  • I just joined

    by HappyChessBear 42 hours ago

  • The tactician must know what to do whenever something needs doing; the strategist must know what to do when nothing needs doing.

    by ChessbrotherJon 10 days ago

  • Let's ditch the doom and gloom and celebrate our improving environment Happy Earth day

    by ChessbrotherJon 13 days ago

  • have a good 420 teammates

    by ChessbrotherJon 2 weeks ago

  • Sincere apologies for keeping this game open. .We have communication chaos .

    by ChessbrotherJon 3 weeks ago

  • So, California, ready to lock and play the team match with Anita's Biker Angels? We have been waiting 8 weeks for you to do something. Not nice to keep ladies waiting :)

    by Teja 3 weeks ago