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Team Florida

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 19, 2011
  • This is the group for all Floridians who have lived in Florida or will some day live in Florida or currently call Florida HOME that want to represent this great state in the US Chess League and against other teams on especially other state teams...............we also run fun but serious team challenges with non-state teams with up to 12+ players in our open matches............we also keep "Minimum 10-15 open team challenges to join" to give our members a large variety of choices and options....

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  • Hi how is everybody

    by Mustangcoffee 68 minutes ago

  • Thanks Oliver. Fun and good news.

    by surfsnook 16 hours ago

  • Re-Cap Matches in Progress (18): Won (2)-Lost (1)-Winning (6)- Losing (3)-Tied (6)..Great playing Team Florida (as of 10/23//16)

    by oliver1518 19 hours ago

  • Hi everybody whats up

    by Mustangcoffee 3 days ago

  • Hey I sent you guys a team match to challenge from Toronto FC Why did you decline just curious?

    by Mustangcoffee 11 days ago

  • Fun and exciting, Oliver. Thanks for sharing.

    by surfsnook 13 days ago

  • Re-Cap Matches in Progress (15): Won-1 Lost-1 Winning-5 Losing-1 Tied-6 Good work Team Florida (as of 10/11/2016 - 6:03p)

    by oliver1518 13 days ago

  • Weather is still looking OK here in St Pete - rain & wind but no real damage - except maybe they'll release sewage into Tampa Bay again. Good luck everyone.

    by dixiedog 2 weeks ago

  • I had to move in all 65 of my games before I could do vacation. Had to speed chess through them. Then somoeone would answer with a move and I had to tell them no more moves do I could go on vacation mode. Good luck everybody...from small barrier island...we are staying.

    by surfsnook 3 weeks ago

  • You can get to Vacation Mode through settings on the toolbar. It is under "Daily Chess" on the settings menu.

    by TheMeepOne 3 weeks ago