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Team Indiana

  • Indiana United States 
  • Formed: Jan 23, 2009
  • For everyone at that proudly calls Indiana home. A group dedicated to all things Hoosier.

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  • We have a new USCL match that will start next Sunday against Team Maryland. We could really use some more players in that match if you are able to take on a couple of games!

    by dadmikeathome 16 hours ago

  • Congratulations Team Indiana! Thanks to 55gra23 securing a win, Team Indiana clinched a win against Team Alabama and giving us an undefeated record so far in US Chess League play this year! Great play, and participation again from the whole team this year! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by your family and friends!

    by dadmikeathome 7 weeks ago

  • Team Oklahoma has already locked their roster for this match. I will give out a last call and then lock this match sometime after 8pm tonight. Last call!!

    by dadmikeathome 8 weeks ago

  • Two more days until we lock against Team Oklahoma. We would still appreciate all the help we can get with this one!

    by dadmikeathome 8 weeks ago

  • OK, my bad, I was checking andTeam Maryland is in division 3 with us and we will play them in feb/march time frame. So I guess we can have a warmup for them! Join up and get some playing time for Team Indiana!

    by dadmikeathome 2 months ago

  • Hey all! Don't forget that we have a team match against Oklahoma. Registration for it will go until Wed 12/16. I also just accepted a friendly match against Team Maryland which is for players under 1600. They are a Division 2 team and we can get some advance play against them! Join up and have some fun!

    by dadmikeathome 2 months ago

  • That would be great Alex. I'm really hoping we can get a good match and have everyone play for once.

    by dadmikeathome 2 months ago

  • I will ask him to try to get a lot of people involved, as he's an admin for the group.

    by AlexCampbell 2 months ago

  • So notice once again to our great team, we have another match in registration for the US Chess League. This time against Oklahoma, and hopefully it will include a lot more games for everyone! This one is open for registration until Sunday night.

    by dadmikeathome 2 months ago

  • lol, that is funny. Hopefully you will end up matched up together!

    by dadmikeathome 2 months ago