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Team Indiana

  • Indiana United States 
  • Formed: Jan 23, 2009
  • For everyone at that proudly calls Indiana home. A group dedicated to all things Hoosier.

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  • New matches will start April 13th, so please sign up if you are interested in playing!

    by dadmikeathome 7 weeks ago

  • So we are down to the last of the US Chess League regular season and the battle for playoff spots. We already have two losses so we will need to do well in these matches to get a playoff spot this season. There are two rounds together here at the end so we have two matches. Please sign up now to get in on the fun!

    by dadmikeathome 7 weeks ago

  • Looks like we will have a bye in March, but we will have two matches to finish off the season beginning on April 10th

    by dadmikeathome 3 months ago

  • Any idea when the next round of USCL might take place? I want to take on more games elsewhere but I am trying to plan that out... learn from previous mistakes and not take on too many games. Thx!

    by CycloneRanger 3 months ago

  • Nothing like being singled out by name! Anyway, I am even so far!

    by griggs1109 3 months ago

  • So this morning I see that somehow our match with Team Maryland has auto-started at midnight. My apologies for that as I was sure I set it for 7 pm PT, so I don't know how that happened. In any case, our team is really up against it in this match. Our team especially starting wtih griggs1109 on down is really going to need to play well if we are to have a chance at pulling this one out. Good luck and good chess everyone!

    by dadmikeathome 3 months ago

  • OK, last call for our match with Team Maryland. It will start Sunday night at 10 pm ET. Several of our higher players pulled out, and we are getting hammered on the top boards. Join up if you can!!

    by dadmikeathome 3 months ago

  • We have a new USCL match that will start next Sunday against Team Maryland. We could really use some more players in that match if you are able to take on a couple of games!

    by dadmikeathome 4 months ago

  • Congratulations Team Indiana! Thanks to 55gra23 securing a win, Team Indiana clinched a win against Team Alabama and giving us an undefeated record so far in US Chess League play this year! Great play, and participation again from the whole team this year! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by your family and friends!

    by dadmikeathome 5 months ago

  • Team Oklahoma has already locked their roster for this match. I will give out a last call and then lock this match sometime after 8pm tonight. Last call!!

    by dadmikeathome 5 months ago