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Team Korea

  • South Korea 
  • Formed: Mar 30, 2009
  • 안녕하세요! 대한민국 공식그룹, Team KOREA 입니다. This group is the official group representing Korea in the World Cup. We are active in team matches and vote chess matches. This group was founded by Mr. Damian Kim.

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  • Nice to meet you guys. My Korean name is Lee Jeong Eon. I'm not good at chess acstually

    by lyan0107 11 days ago

  • Hello Everyone!,, Talking from india,,hhmm Is there anyone who likes singing or dancing or Kpop.....?

    by snyupy 3 weeks ago


    by hysiar 2 months ago

  • im from seosan city..

    by lynderf 3 months ago

  • I live in USA! And I agree with chesskid

    by KingRyan11 3 months ago

  • Admins.. I hope u make a team match like other groups..

    by chesskid77777 3 months ago

  • I live basically on the Seoul-Gwangmyeong border near Gasan-dong.

    by seoul2seoul 3 months ago

  • i live in incheon where is next to seoul

    by zzzzxzzzzz 3 months ago

  • does anybody live in Seoul?

    by maipace 3 months ago

  • there is no team match?

    by chesskid77777 3 months ago