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Team Mumbai(टीम मुंबई)

  • mumbai India 
  • Formed: Mar 20, 2011
  • here all chess players from aamchi mumbai are invited.

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    by ruelasker 39 hours ago

  • Good. There is hope. I am only inviting a few members here and there trying to get Mumbai members when I can. I will step up the invitations if it looks like we can join in the matches.

    by ruelasker 2 days ago

  • I am free to play..In for WCL

    by w_Chinmay73 5 days ago

  • There are people active and if we get more perhaps they will be active here.

    by ruelasker 2 weeks ago

  • It seems we are not able to get more than one person active at a time.

    by ruelasker 2 weeks ago

  • Who is interested in playing in the World Cities League? See the news item if you want to know more about it.

    by ruelasker 2 weeks ago

  • Will Mumbai participate in the WCL 2017?

    by ruelasker 3 weeks ago

  • This link might interest some of you who want to find clubs. It does not list local clubs, but you might go to a tournament to play or just see who you meet that may know of local clubs.

    by ruelasker 6 weeks ago

  • There is another Mumbai team that seems more active.

    by ruelasker 7 weeks ago

  • Hi amrkk I have been inactive for a bit. I still have only a little time.

    by ruelasker 7 weeks ago