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Team Mumbai(टीम मुंबई)

  • mumbai India 
  • Formed: Mar 20, 2011
  • here all chess players from aamchi mumbai are invited.

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  • Hi guys I am active after lot of time do you guys think we should start a team match soon?

    by amrkk 3 months ago

  • I hope you find peaple to play. I see you are asking on both teams.

    by ruelasker 6 months ago

  • Any meet ups happen at navi mumbai?

    by Shreenath1 6 months ago

  • may be more active than here!

    by ruelasker 7 months ago

  • I love to play chess but unfortunately I dont have anybody to play face to face. Is there any chess club in Mumbai where I can go & play some real chess games so that I can improve on my game? Smile Currently I am playing only on (I am staying in Bhandup, Central line of Mumbai)

    by chessmegic 7 months ago

  • This team may be less active than I thought. Please join the match against the Dummy group so we can see who is really here.

    by ruelasker 8 months ago

  • Please see the latest forum topic on adnin activities. If you are interested in being an admin and learning what to do, please let me know. Thanks

    by ruelasker 8 months ago

  • People who have not been on for years are no longer in Admin. We need to have active Admins in order to progress as a team. If you have suggestions, please let me know.

    by ruelasker 8 months ago

  • Good night

    by ruelasker 8 months ago

  • Good Morning. The vote chess game is won..

    by ruelasker 9 months ago