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The Capitalists

  • Liberty International 
  • Formed: Aug 10, 2012
  • This is a group for un-apologetically capitalistic individuals. You can be rich or poor. You can be educated or uneducated. You can live under freedom or tyranny. But to be in this group, you must profess that you consider the most moral and successful economic system to be capitalism. Property rights. Individual property rights. The right of the creator. The right of the producer to dispose of their wealth as they see fit. As to which economic theory is best conducive to the preservation of capitalism, that is open for debate and discussion! We welcome Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, Keynesian, Austrian School proponents, and so forth.

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  • Anyone want to be the super admin?

    by Timotheous 3 weeks ago

  • +1 Or it would also have been great to have Austin Petersen or Darryl W. Perry as the nominee. But alas, it's too late.

    by macer75 2 months ago

  • Probably my least favorite Libertarian candidate this time around.

    by macer75 2 months ago

  • What do you think of Gary Johnson?

    by Timotheous 2 months ago

  • Make America Great Again! Trump For President!

    by Trump-Supporter 4 months ago

  • I hear that. The three front runners campaigns are on the platforms of 1.hate 2. socialism or 3. being a more masculine Obama

    by Thatguy12345 5 months ago

  • honestly glad i get to vote in new zealand after seeing your guys line up. dont get me wrong i think america is great in many ways but your political culture is just insane.

    by burgboy 5 months ago

  • please not that

    by Thatguy12345 5 months ago

  • Ready for Hillary!! Hillary Clinton for America! 2016

    by coolhandjohnnj 5 months ago

  • ''Do you deny that Mr. Donald J. Trump, who turned a 1 million dollar loan into a 10 billion dollar empire'' do you really believe that ? he started with way more than a mil and has way less than 10 bil whatever the real numbers are. the guy is lying scum .

    by burgboy 6 months ago