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  • Hello

    by bomberfan10 5 years ago

  • I would like to announce that after revising the groups I am a member in, I must say with regret that I am leaving this group for personal reasons. It's been an honor being a teammate with you all. Bye.

    by MostWanted147 6 years ago

  • We doing any team matches?

    by dynamicduovallo 7 years ago

  • PLEASE join the VC /votechess/game.html ?id=14051 and vote for Rfe8, ASAP

    by MostWanted147 7 years ago

  • Everybody make sure to enter the team match we need 14 players and were vrsing some really hard people so cmon lets join

    by bomberfan10 7 years ago

  • Ok i sahll create it

    by bomberfan10 7 years ago

  • hey do you guys want to play a game of vote chess?

    by mattty88 7 years ago

  • eLow all. thanks for the add. :D

    by JClauds 7 years ago

  • hey guys, try to get more members...

    by Penchalaiah 7 years ago

  • Welcome Penchalaiah and thanks for joining us

    by Theonator 7 years ago