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  • GET READY TO BE CHECKMATED!! International 
  • Formed: Dec 24, 2007
  • The Checkmate Club is a fantastic group for people to play, learn and share! TCC is proud to be 389th in team matches and 375th in vote chess as of June 1st, 2015. We are slowly progressing up the charts, and with your help we can accomplish our goal to be one of the largest groups on! The Checkmate Club participates in activities such as team and vote chess matches, as well as a weekly puzzle. Join today and be part of the rapidly growing Checkmate Club!

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  • what up who wants t play me

    by seadkameric 8 months ago

  • hi

    by Jerryd1988 10 months ago

  • Greetings to all

    by grandfather11 10 months ago

  • hi.

    by kartikbhatt129 11 months ago

  • Greetings to all I must apologize for my timeouts

    by grandfather11 11 months ago

  • Hello teammates, my gramps and I share this site on my home system. It just suffered a viris meltdown, I. shutdown to rebuild and Gramps lost a number of matches. He is upset and wishes to apologize for our grief.

    by grandfather11 11 months ago

  • Hi

    by risingstar04 11 months ago

  • Hy, guyz!!

    by GM_Eeshaan 11 months ago

  • what do you mean by ...hiesipho ran away

    by Tomzit 12 months ago

  • hi.

    by kartikbhatt129 12 months ago