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The Chess Advocates

  • United States 
  • Formed: Jul 15, 2013
  • The purpose of The Chess Advocates group is to encourage the development of enjoyment of the great game of Chess.

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  • you're welcome

    by cxavier 2 years ago

  • Hello! Thanks for your invitation!

    by Sun_Tze 2 years ago

  • hello

    by cxavier 2 years ago

  • Be advised - in the vote chess game vs the Nimzo-Larsen group, we will abort the game if your team does not have a minimum of 5 players.

    by wormrose 3 years ago

  • In the chess world I am getting smacked around in my second-round group in a tourney

    by SoCalCynic 3 years ago

  • Nothing for 8 weeks? Well, then, please allow me to trumpet the fact that Arsenal remain atop the English Premier League!

    by SoCalCynic 3 years ago

  • hi

    by ksimpson 3 years ago

  • hello

    by quietvolcano 3 years ago

  • Pls get one player to this TM.

    by RavindraBabu 3 years ago

  • In mourning for Arsenal, and it's only week one of the season!

    by SoCalCynic 3 years ago