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  • Formed: Nov 9, 2008
  • A place to learn and improve while having fun. Share your wins, losses, good moves as well as horrible blunders. Let us help each other be the best chess players we can be. All are welcome.

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  • Dumb inactive groups....

    by King_undercover_vamp 3 years ago

  • Hello!

    by King_undercover_vamp 3 years ago

  • Hello, let's see some activity plz!

    by King_undercover_vamp 3 years ago

  • hello to all!! glad to be active again... almost a year of being absent.. whats up team? no team match yet? LOL...

    by celsky 7 years ago

  • Hey guys! I'm new to the group.

    by theweaponking 7 years ago

  • anja

    by xmenkiller996 8 years ago

  • goodluck to everyone playing in the team match up against the fast players group.looks like you guys might need it.

    by penpal 8 years ago

  • Hi, bro.. i'm in with u.. thx n GBUall

    by Iskandar 8 years ago

  • giancarlo,would you like a challenge?rated or unreated?

    by penpal 8 years ago

  • good luck lol

    by ryanrox 8 years ago