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The Chess Kings

  • International 
  • Formed: Feb 13, 2011
  • This is a chess group for anyone that would like to join.We play lots of vote chess and team matches. Also we have game forms and a Chess Ladder. All rating ranges are welcome. We really need members right now.

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  • Someone wanted me to show up; so here I am.

    by MichaelGosselin 3 years ago

  • Honored at your offer but I have to decline.

    by Kingdom_Hearts 3 years ago

  • Hope to join in on the fun :)

    by superficialpawn 3 years ago

  • For active players, try joining JSST, on a limited time recruitment stage

    by bokek 3 years ago

  • So, I guess I shall withdraw the challenge.

    by SafariQueen 4 years ago

  • Well, I've been waiting to have a challenge accepted, so maybe this group is inactive.

    by SafariQueen 4 years ago

  • Are we still active?

    by MichaelGosselin 4 years ago

  • sure

    by The_Chess_King 4 years ago

  • everyone here is inactive. this is an inative group!!!

    by The_Chess_Ninja 4 years ago

  • Wow! I found a group I'm not an admin!

    by Candie69 5 years ago