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  • Formed: Apr 15, 2010
  • why should you join are group???? six words, cute pictures of furry little animals

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  • Hello every1

    by The_Storm_555 5 months ago

  • For active players, try joining JSST, on a limited recruitment period

    by bokek 3 years ago

  • Hi, Team, does anyone have a suggestion on how to play the advance variation of the Reti?

    by bokek 5 years ago

  • It looks like this group is dead by all accounts. If someone wants to run it let me know, otherwise I will dissolve the group as there are more than enough skeleton groups out there ...

    by Dietmar 5 years ago

  • We need players for the team match. Please sign up.

    by Dietmar 5 years ago

  • hey guys (and girls,) i know its been a while and your probably getting bored so i just sent a new team match challenge, just thought id let you guys know

    by ilikechicken 6 years ago

  • im not trying to complain or anything, but i really need someone to help me with this group. i cant do it all myself. doesnt anyone want to be a super admin?

    by ilikechicken 6 years ago

  • We need a tiebreaker in the Vote Chess Game against the Turkish Players for d5.

    by Dietmar 6 years ago

  • hello everyone, thanks for invite :)

    by cruisey88 6 years ago

  • hi all!!! tnx for the invitation...

    by natty94 6 years ago