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The D4 Stormers

  • Ireland 
  • Formed: Mar 25, 2012
  • You SHOULD JOIN! this club if you are a D4 Player.or even e4

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  • NO!!!!!

    by HockeyMaster 3 years ago

  • Greetings D4 Stormers. I have posted an invitation to your group and a playing schedule. Thanks.

    by Ambassador_Spock 3 years ago

  • im leaving. this sucks

    by blinha 4 years ago

  • If you lock, we can do 1 vs 1 in tm vs The Lords

    by kgwkyle 5 years ago

  • You just need one more player in our team match vs The Lords!

    by kgwkyle 5 years ago

  • Thx just keep on inviting people and if we reach 100 players I will make 100 tournaments and I don't care how long it takes I will do it!

    by HockeyMaster 5 years ago

  • What is this group?

    by IlanShumilin 5 years ago