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The Dark Knights

  • Gotham City International 
  • Formed: Aug 5, 2008
  • This is a group for anyone who likes Batman or the new Batman movie, anyone who likes to use the Alekhine, Indian, Nimzowitsch, Zukertort, Mikenas, Lemming, Australian, Anglo-Lithuanian, Horsefly, or Black Mustang Defences, anyone who completed a game in my Dark Knight Tournament, or anyone else who wants to join. Everyone's welcome!!

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  • Thx for joining, Tony! ;)

    by Batman91939 2 days ago

  • im happy i joined my rating is 1600 on online chess

    by tonycoaching05 3 days ago

  • New Team Match:

    by Ray_D 2 weeks ago

  • welcome!!

    by BunnyJones01 2 weeks ago

  • Welcome to The Dark Knights!!!

    by Billium248 2 weeks ago

  • Hi laazerjemeis! Glad to count you among us! ^^

    by Batman91939 2 weeks ago

  • Hi

    by laazerjemeis 3 weeks ago

  • Here is anew team match for players under 1299:

    by Ray_D 4 weeks ago

  • And can we get one player <1199 for this match?

    by Ray_D 4 weeks ago

  • Can we get two more players for this Chess960 match?

    by Ray_D 4 weeks ago