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  • Formed: Feb 16, 2013
  • for people who love food,anyone can join! We do team matches and votechess. We also post puzzles!

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  • I think vegetarianism makes sense: meat for us, peas for you.

    by Tom_Trahald 19 months ago

  • Mmm.... Tacos!

    by chessboy8888 2 years ago

  • cool pic!!!!!!!!!!

    by isjj 2 years ago

  • like da new pic for da group?

    by Miles007 2 years ago

  • sorry ive been gone

    by Miles007 3 years ago

  • is okay bro. I've been busy too

    by Miles007 3 years ago

  • miles, you're gonna have to find someone to take over for me. i'll wont be able to be on as much because i'm busy with school. sorry :(

    by isjj 3 years ago

  • sure!

    by Ledgermayne1234 3 years ago

  • I will take a long break then

    by chessboy8888 3 years ago

  • i mean that It's OK for Matthew to take a 5 month break, everyone needs a break! besides, i took a 2 week break, lol

    by Ledgermayne1234 3 years ago