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  • I'm really worried about our secondary. I guess I'm also worried about Wade Phillips bizarre decision last game to have Ball cover Calvin Johnson. I mean, what sense does that make. Our #1 Corner is out of the game so we're going to cover a Hall-of-Fame wide receiver with our 2nd string/backup cornerback rather than covering him with our #2 cornerback who has been having a breakout year. Once they actually decided to cover Calvin Johnson with Kareem Jackson he became a complete non-factor in the

    by Ponalap 4 years ago

  • 9-1

    by cheetah71 4 years ago

  • Other than our 1st and 2nd quarterbacks, and Mario and our punter, we are about as full strength as we can get. I think the Texans will be so pumped, just like they are every opening day game. If Foster has a good game, we'll be in Baltimore next weekend.

    by Tom 5 years ago

  • Come on Everyone! Let's get some excitement on this board! The Texans are two days away from their first playoff game! (We should find a Bengals Chess Group and challenge them to a match...)

    by Ponalap 5 years ago

  • I just found out that my world geo teacher works for the Texans. we jusst talk about them all day. and also i heard something on the news about someone(think it was Philips) getting hurt or sick or something like that. But any ways AFC South champions will soon be AFC champions

    by blazingwater 5 years ago

  • I know. I thought it was pretty tacky of them. Everyone else did too! All of the announcers commented on it and even Yahoo! had an article about it on their front page after the game yesterday.

    by Ponalap 5 years ago

  • Go AFC South Champions! Even if you are still getting no respect from ESPN! Yates throws for 300 yards, 2 tds, and rushes for 40 yards against the 7th ranked defense in football and I have to listen to ESPN analysts talk after the game about how he "Is not starting quarterback material!" We will show'em!

    by Ponalap 5 years ago

  • Congratulations Houston! The Texans are the AFC South Champions!

    by Tom 5 years ago

  • Apparently, it was not so obvious to the Texans coaching staff. But, I will say that career stats can be less important than how good of shape that quarterback is in. Apparently, Delhomme appeared to be in better shape and moving better. I don't mind them signing him. He has a 5-2 record in the playoffs and led the Panthers to an 11-4 record just 3 years ago. And, last year he posted a 5-4 record for a Browns team that failed to win a single game when he was not quarterback. he still has lots of

    by Ponalap 5 years ago

  • Let's see, total career touchdowns/interceptions for Delhomme: 125:101 Garcia: 161:83 With almost a 2 to 1 ratio, the answer is obvious.

    by Tom 5 years ago