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The Jedi Chess Council

  • 3rd Planet from Sol International 
  • Formed: Oct 8, 2010
  • Welcome to The Jedi Chess Council ! We are the #1 Star Wars group in the Chess.Com Community ! To all of you that are not just Star Wars fans but fans of the Jedi, this is it ! Working on building a powerful group of players here ! It's all about ,balance ,in the Force and in this great game we all love ! An aggressive attack can be halted,a stiff defence can be broken...but the warrior that can employ both is seldom at a loss ! We are always posting the newest Videos and articles that we think will help players to keep getting better ! If you are a Padawan learner or a Jedi Master come on and join us ! Your seat at the Council awaits you ! May The Force Be With You All !

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  • Yoda is okay, I guess he did block lightning with his hands, but he couldn't beat palpatine...

    by LLCA123 5 hours ago

  • I actually believe Yoda is our leader in awesomeness, but yeah, Obi Wan and Mace Windu rock.

    by CaptainMorando 14 hours ago

  • in terms of longevity and number of kills, Obi Wan is the bets jedi of all! Second is Mace windu, then yoda, then Kia Adi Mundi

    by LLCA123 7 days ago

  • i hope he comes back too! U get what im saying right?

    by LLCA123 2 weeks ago

  • I would be interested in seeing Mace Windu again. We'll see.

    by DarthBean 2 weeks ago

  • Mace Windu is alive! In star wars if u don't see them die, u can assume they are still alive! The lightning he was shot with wouldn't be enough to kill him, and he could have used the force to stop him from falling and dying and slow the fall! He's alive!

    by LLCA123 2 weeks ago

  • Hello everyone! I wanted to find out how interested our group is in getting some matches going. Post a note letting us know your level of interest.

    by DarthBean 3 weeks ago

  • hi

    by mathboy1 8 weeks ago

  • sup

    by CeasarJX 3 months ago

  • Good morning to All Council Members !

    by 67jedichessmaster 6 months ago