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The Jedi Chess Council

  • 3rd Planet from Sol International 
  • Formed: Oct 8, 2010
  • Welcome to The Jedi Chess Council ! We are the #1 Star Wars group in the Chess.Com Community ! To all of you that are not just Star Wars fans but fans of the Jedi, this is it ! Working on building a powerful group of players here ! It's all about ,balance ,in the Force and in this great game we all love ! An aggressive attack can be halted,a stiff defence can be broken...but the warrior that can employ both is seldom at a loss ! We are always posting the newest Videos and articles that we think will help players to keep getting better ! If you are a Padawan learner or a Jedi Master come on and join us ! Your seat at the Council awaits you ! May The Force Be With You All !

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  • 😄

    by LLCA123 4 weeks ago

  • wel im back...time for the council to Grow

    by 67jedichessmaster 4 weeks ago


    by LLCA123 7 weeks ago

  • We have a team match that we could use some help with.

    by DarthBean 8 weeks ago

  • Mace windy beat palpatine.., did he not?

    by LLCA123 2 months ago

  • Nobody could beat palpatine; except Vder, who DIED doing it.

    by CaptainMorando 2 months ago

  • Yoda is okay, I guess he did block lightning with his hands, but he couldn't beat palpatine...

    by LLCA123 2 months ago

  • I actually believe Yoda is our leader in awesomeness, but yeah, Obi Wan and Mace Windu rock.

    by CaptainMorando 2 months ago

  • in terms of longevity and number of kills, Obi Wan is the bets jedi of all! Second is Mace windu, then yoda, then Kia Adi Mundi

    by LLCA123 2 months ago

  • i hope he comes back too! U get what im saying right?

    by LLCA123 3 months ago