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  • Season starts with Hawaii. We could challenge their team if they have one or even their State team, again if they have one. After that Colrado etc... Admins?

    by Nimzo99 7 days ago

  • Billium248 (as evidenced on the home page) and mattattack99

    by Sefra 11 days ago

  • Who are the Admins?

    by Nimzo99 11 days ago

  • I agree, this is a good idea. Not too many matches at one time though, we need to be watching football lol. Maybe one or two good matches? Admins?

    by Sefra 2 weeks ago

  • Need some matches. How about coinciding with the upcoming college football season?

    by Nimzo99 2 weeks ago

  • Yeah - maybe things will pick up in August

    by ZekesGhost 6 weeks ago

  • Its a shame this group is completely dead :(

    by Sefra 6 weeks ago

  • Agreed. Pushing the Defensive Line back so the RB gets 5 yards before even hitting the line isn't going to work against Big 10 teams.

    by Billium248 12 months ago

  • Nice win yesterday! With it being Oregon State, I'm not reading into it much, but its nice to get a blowout win regardless. We can go into next week with some confidence.

    by Sefra 12 months ago

  • We still gave that one away. I don't mind if the other team wins, but I hate it when we lose. 3 interceptions and 2 dropped passes in the End Zone is giving the game away.

    by Billium248 12 months ago