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  • Inside of the Art International 
  • Formed: Jun 26, 2009
  • This is a group for anybody who appreciates art, whether it be a drawing, music, photography, homemade movies, a painting, or even a poem! We accept art about virtually all subjects - not exclusively chess! This group is about being free to express yourself via a form of art. So, when you join this group, be ready to feel unbounded and expressive! And remember, artists: HAVE FUN!

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  • urban and Primitive Mask

    by Alvino2009 3 years ago

  • i must learn how to post my work. large paintings

    by romandigits 3 years ago

  • Urban and Primitive Masks by Urban Life Artist Alvin Kennedy

    by Alvino2009 4 years ago

  • Is anyone home before I join?

    by _IronButterfly_ 4 years ago

  • I just posted some more drawings of mine in my Album for any who are interested in seeing them. Comments appreciated. :)

    by Skybax 7 years ago

  • I just wanted to drop a line and self promote a little bit :P I've got a blog up and running showing my work, I'm still in the process of putting stuff up so forgive me if its a bit behind right now:

    by MariaD 7 years ago

  • I dont see dear are all one group.. about arts.. so i maked one group SYMBOLISME – ARTS.. i, hope this are not one probleme.

    by Ronny58 7 years ago

  • intresting

    by WolfLeader 7 years ago

  • My job , are one 1museum from fine arts one Belgiuem.. go loocking.

    by Ronny58 7 years ago

  • hi

    by WolfLeader 7 years ago