Super Admins


  • International 
  • Formed: Feb 21, 2009
  • This is THE PREMIER OF ALL chess players, this Team/Group only consists of players with a rating of over 1800+, •Play chess with friends! •Play as a unit against other teams! •Play as a team on a equal platform in our vote chess! •Play team tournaments in groups, leagues and knockouts! •Join our forums of chess! •Crack all new and old puzzles! •Teach and learn from our future training programme! •Join the team in our chat room! •We want and will compete with the best, to be the best! •We have an internal Team Championship/Tournament(s) 2010! •We have a Team Pyramid Tournament 2010! •We have entered's Team Match Championships 2010! •We have the best Vote Chess Admin Team, we have entered VC, Open Swiss I, Masters I and Masters II Tournament(s)! •Welcome all active members!