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The Society of the Learned & Clever

  • Worldwide United States 
  • Formed: Jul 9, 2011
  • Our group is intended for the well read, culturally elite and intellectually mature. At a minimum,please have a four year degree and have at least two books going. Team Captain, Haywood

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  • this group should be called the pretentious bastards.

    by ogichidaag 4 years ago

  • Under admin tools click manage members

    by oinquarki 5 years ago

  • I can't make myself an admin.

    by oinquarki 5 years ago

  • I'm in. Hi all.

    by Skwerly 5 years ago

  • Yes; this group sucks that hard.

    by oinquarki 5 years ago

  • Today's Rank: # 6,006 of 5,884 (0%)

    by oinquarki 5 years ago

  • awww, i have all of that except a four year degree :)

    by Chiemi 5 years ago

  • http://www.chess.com/groups/view/wellread-fan-club

    by oinquarki 5 years ago