Super Admins



  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 20, 2010
  • We are a newly created team who is looking for AGGRESSIVE players who are ready to play aggressive chess. We are looking to make a strong and fun team. Kind regards, Administrators

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  • Greetings, Stone Fortress. I posted an invitation in your Forum for your group. Thanks.

    by Ambassador_Spock 3 years ago

  • Hey folks, you've only entered two players against Eowyn's Guard. Doesn't look too aggressive to me...

    by Freydisdottir 6 years ago

  • Hi everyone, I don't know why I was promoted to super admin in here, Does anyone want to take over? Mrtactic seems to have been banned, so I am the only super admin here! :O

    by _Chess_Boy_ 6 years ago

  • i gues we never got over the girl getting booted.

    by MRBLUEAZUL 6 years ago

  • any body home ??come team

    by MRBLUEAZUL 6 years ago

  • It was banned then she came back and got banned again.

    by Majere1313 6 years ago

  • Don't you guys know yet that her account was banned?

    by _Chess_Boy_ 6 years ago

  • i`ll just talk to her,she`ll be back soon.

    by MRBLUEAZUL 6 years ago

  • Yes bud where are Chemutal?? do you somthings about here. whe missing chemutal

    by Ronny58 6 years ago

  • this group was more fun with chetumal, sorry.

    by linksspringer 6 years ago