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  • Formed: Apr 29, 2009
  • This is a special group for basic members (but premium members are of course also free to join!). Because we know how desperate you can be, if you can only join 1 tourney at a time. Here you can join manually made tournaments, and it doesn´t matter what your rating or timeout ratio is. So, if you want to play games, this group is the right place to join!

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    by Darth_Sidious 3 years ago

  • Hi, I would like to invite you to join some very active groups. The following groups average 20-30 tournaments per month, 30 standard team matches & 30 vote chess matches per month and 960 matches and tournaments as well. You don't have to leave your present team, you can belong to all of them if you like. http://www.che

    by Darth_Sidious 3 years ago

  • OK

    by maapalaa 6 years ago

  • There is no activity for the past 4 months

    by maapalaa 6 years ago

  • sometimes

    by Kacparov 6 years ago

  • does anything even happen here?

    by 1plus1is4 6 years ago

  • good idea

    by Rogalentis 6 years ago

  • I´d like to welcome athanasiuspernath to our group! You can make yourself active by (e.g.) joining the 2nd Manual Tournament!

    by Dekker 7 years ago

  • will be great ..loll

    by Ali_la_pointe 7 years ago

  • me too, but it's only 3 of us..

    by Kacparov 7 years ago