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The Twin Ports Fianchetto --- Team Cold Climate

  • Duluth, MN International 
  • Formed: Sep 7, 2008
  • This is a group for those chess warriors living in cold climates, or maybe you were born in a cold climate, or maybe you'd like to live in a cold climate, or perhaps you once had a dream in which the temperature dropped below freezing, and you have nothing better to do on a cold winter night than play the great ancient game... and it shows. We will participate in as many team matches and vote chess matches as possible. Anybody from anywhere is welcome. If you're not from anywhere that's fine as well. All skill levels are absolutely welcome, and feel free to invite friends from anywhere in the world!

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  • what an experience playing that blitz game against Timur Gareyev. Looking forward to the simul on Saturday, but I don't think I want to play Fischer Random!

    by ObiRonKenobi 4 weeks ago

  • Our Over the Board affiliate 'Twin Ports Chess Club' had unplanned 5 minute blindfold game, Fischer Random, played by GM Timur Gareyev last night.. picures on www. Twin Ports Chess site.. showing set up of board and Master Dane Mattson making physical moves for GM against one of the club's best players, Ron Decker.

    by beardown12 4 weeks ago

  • I'm currently seeking challenges for game in 3/days. -150 +300. Message me or simply send challenge. Thanks.

    by HAIRoftheMONK 3 months ago

  • xylemguy played fine game at our OTB affiliate Twin Ports Chess Club last night.. drew much higher rated opponent with black.

    by beardown12 4 months ago

  • we need some help in the A&M CC match.. we're outgunned on all boards!

    by ObiRonKenobi 4 months ago

  • OK thank you

    by MKMilenko 5 months ago

  • not yet may take a few days we only have a few since you have joined I will start NEW match.. but it takes time.. other group has to agree..o ha

    by beardown12 5 months ago

  • I cant find any match for me

    by MKMilenko 5 months ago

  • We will start another match now that you have joined.. welcome...

    by beardown12 5 months ago

  • Hello and thank you for invitation

    by MKMilenko 5 months ago