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Tiger Lilov's Chess School

  • Varna Bulgaria 
  • Formed: Oct 31, 2011
  • Tiger Lilov’s Chess School Group is the place where you will find the most support for your personal chess training. This group gives past, current, and future students of Tiger Lilov’s Chess School, as well as all chess enthusiasts the opportunity to benefit from top-notch chess training materials and resources available through the school’s website and on the internet for free. The members of this group can benefit from the interaction with current Tiger Lilov’s Chess School students and learn more about their experiences as Tiger Lilov’s apprentices, as well as many successful stories of improved tournament performance and level of play. Feel free to join the Tiger Lilov’s Chess School Group at or visit Tiger Lilov’s Chess School at

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  • I'm having a chess headache. Too many troublesome games. Makes me feel a little beaten down. I need a few wins to get my ego back in shape. :)

    by JerryHobby 14 days ago

  • Hello Every one

    by Afghan_champ 2 weeks ago

  • thanks IM

    by adijain12 2 weeks ago

  • Valeri is a great coach. Highly recommend personal lessons if you haven't already. There a challenges with other groups in vote chess, you can mess around in the forum, or just ask other people for help. Add me and we will play a few!

    by JarrettCFranklin 4 months ago

  • Hi I have the same question as below. I joined & wondering what happens from here? I was very impressed with Alex_Karaivanov's disclosure of how Tiger Lilov's chess school helped which is why I joined when one of my friends said he was a member here & I need to improve my endgame which is downright atrocious :)

    by cubensis13 4 months ago

  • I feel good about getting invited to join this club, but now that I'm here I have no idea how I'm supposed to be participating. What do we do, exactly?

    by RyanThePatzer 7 months ago

  • Hi everyone! Feel free to join our little group and let us learn together!

    by TigerLilov 7 months ago


How did Nakamura beat Carlsen for a first time!

Submitted by TigerLilov on Oct 7, 2016 posted in Tiger Lilov's Chess School News
This year will be remembered as Independence Day for Hikaru Nakamura as he stopped years of torment at the hand of Magnus Carlsen. In round 1 of the Bilbao Super GM tournament, the 28 year old American defeated the world champion at classical ches...Read More »