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  • South Azerbaijan International 
  • Formed: Apr 13, 2012
  • Tractor Sazi Tabriz Football Club commonly known as Tıraxtur (Tirəxtur) is a professional football club based in Tabriz, Iran. The club is one of the most famous and most popular clubs in Iran and Asia. It has many fans In Iran's neighboring Turkic countries including Turkey and Republic of Azerbaijan. Many thousands of ethnic Azeris of Iran accompany the Tractor football team to its matches, occasionally some of them carrying pan-Turkic symbols and usually shout slogans emphasizing their distinctiveness from the Persians and explicitly support Iranian Turks (including Azeris) identity and language or slogans against teams of Tehran which have sometimes led to clashes with Iranian security forces. Yaşasın Azerbaycan! or Long Live Azerbaijan! was the cry from the impressive crowed of 85.000 FC Tractor fans.

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