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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tar Heels

  • Chapel Hill, N.C. United States 
  • Formed: Jun 29, 2010
  • Welcome Tar Heels! Welcome alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends, family and fans of all skill levels. We hope to compete in team matches and vote chess with other groups and universities. TAR . . .

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  • A Duke group has finally formed. The match registration is open. Please join!

    by jdhermann 23 months ago

  • Thanks, I love THE HEELS. F Duke! Thanks for accepting me!

    by TheChessProfit 4 years ago

  • If your rating is between​1100-1199. Great tournement​about to start.​​t/1rst-beginners-tournament-gr​oup-a-1100-1199

    by AHeelsFan 4 years ago