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Vladimir Kramnik Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 17, 2012
  • Команда для болельщиков чемпиона мира, великого шахматиста и хорошего человека Владимира Борисовича Крамника. Vladimir Kramnik was the World Chess Champion from 2000 to 2007. Join his fans!

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  • Impressive again today Mr. Kramnik!

    by Alba_1314 3 weeks ago

  • Indeed. A very fine example of positional strangulation :)

    by Eeyore12 4 weeks ago

  • A nice win today by our hero at the Tal Memorial.

    by Alba_1314 4 weeks ago

  • We are seriously outnumbered

    by Marignon 3 months ago

  • New FCL round:

    by Phoenix_Scorpion 3 months ago

  • Welcome Stefan. Let`s spice things up a bit welcoming the new season.

    by Eeyore12 8 months ago

  • We should play. The previous season wasn`t bad at all. We need more quality players, that is clear enough. The Gligoric team that won the league is smaller but can gather more players. We have to improve in that field.

    by Eeyore12 9 months ago

  • Dear friends! Kramnik club is invited in the 3rd season of fan clubs league. Who wishes to manage and develop the team and lead it in this competition? Volonters ae needed.

    by Marignon 9 months ago

  • Всем привет! Команду зовут в третий сезон лиги фанклубовю Пожалуйста, отзовитесь те, кто хочет ее развивать и руководить ей в новом сезоне.

    by Marignon 9 months ago

  • Всем с новым годом!!

    by acespairallin15 10 months ago