Super Admins

We Love Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas, NV United States 
  • Formed: Mar 21, 2009
  • For all those who want to join this group, especially the ones who live in Fabulous Las Vegas are allowed to join. Like We said, everyone is allowed to join this fantastic group. We do team matches, vote chess and forums to entertain everybody. But.... We are missing something. You, of course!!!!!

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  • Hiya, from Henderson, NV

    by Tettamanti 5 weeks ago

  • Hello all

    by mambodancer1580 6 months ago

  • Wuz Cadallakin! My 702Vegas peoples! Reppin Anthem ova chea!! =D... actually Winchester. for now. Till I can make my way over to Anthem... YepYep.

    by VniVdiVci 7 months ago

  • hi all

    by Becinu 3 years ago

  • Unfortunately, so far no response by anyone to try to resuscitate the team. Nevada is currently placed on yellow status. If nothing happens by Sunday night Nevada will be removed from the competition. It is regrettable but not much of a choice left but to move on.

    by Dietmar 3 years ago

  • If any member is interested in becoming Superadmin so Las Vegas (Nevada) can be a functioning team again and continue to be part of the US Chess League competition let me know. This is rather urgent as the current round match is to be in registration.

    by Dietmar 3 years ago

  • Just challenged NV on behalf of LA.

    by Kenny-ChessKnee 3 years ago

  • Las Vegas, please challenge Louisiana (or accept challenge) for your Rd 3 match of the US Chess League.

    by Dietmar 3 years ago

  • can i change this picture?

    by Ledgermayne1234 3 years ago

  • Hi!! We have changed the name of the group because the other name just looked a bit old fashioned.

    by Psy_Junior 3 years ago