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Wolf Fighters

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 9, 2009
  • We wolves are not going to be pick on. We will fight and try to fight all the other teams! So come on and join. this is a group where all is welcome besides haterz lol.

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  • nice

    by chehanbest98 3 years ago

  • wow a dead group,

    by werewolf23 3 years ago

  • Unfortunately... I think he does....

    by Sly4Ever 6 years ago

  • Lol who you think you are the undertaker?

    by games2play 6 years ago

  • uh oh

    by WolfLeader 6 years ago

  • Thought that either you are he made this group/theme. Joined... not too long ago. Suprised to see me? ; )

    by Sly4Ever 6 years ago

  • i didn't made this theme, WolfPro made it, the group also, And when did you join?

    by WolfLeader 6 years ago

  • Meh... the only bad thing with the theme is the brick red color. Can hardly see the words in that area. But the rest is nice.

    by Sly4Ever 6 years ago


    by WolfLeader 6 years ago

  • u like the new theme?

    by WolfLeader 7 years ago