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  • Formed: Mar 15, 2011
  • Stuck in a group that is dormant/dying, no chat or games? Frustrated at not being able to represent your favourite football (soccer) team? Would you like to share the highs and lows of your team with people who are addicted to the beautiful game? Whichever your club is, be it West Ham, Spurs, Juventus or FC Dallas, it doesn't matter. Our 500+ members represent more than 50 teams from around the globe. As well as standard Team Matches and Team Vote Chess matches (typically, 15+ in progress), we have 'World Super Cup' & 'World Super Vase' tournaments that enable players who have joined the group to represent their team. Players must be prepared to participate in games regularly, even if it is only vote chess.

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  • west ham looked so poor first half. second half we ad a few chanches was a bit unlucky not to score. there goalkeeper was man of the match made few good saves and wasted time. but to be honest we havent got strong squad of players. good luck to Astra they need the money.

    by Roma60 26 hours ago

  • Payet was missing for some reason and he was missed.

    by Rockerbob 26 hours ago

  • Yeah - not a the start the Hammers were looking for at the new stadium and their new era.

    by IronsSupporter 27 hours ago

  • We all know about Leicester but the Russian team FC Rostov nearly achieved the same feat. Survived a relegation play off then finished second, they were banned from buying new players for a while so almost a fairy tale ending.

    by Rockerbob 33 hours ago

  • Bad defeat for West Ham beaten by Astra Giurgio, 11th in the Romanian League. This is a club who sold most of their players, with the manager suspended for betting on football, not to mention the owner in jail.

    by Rockerbob 33 hours ago

  • figures I guess the PSG draw was the trigger, meanwhile Spurs and the foxes have relatively powderpuff groups. Never heard of em, too late not good enuf. sigh this going to be a real long season.

    by alekhinetroll 40 hours ago

  • Good grief, Arsenal sign Mustafi and Perez, that won't please their American owners.

    by Rockerbob 41 hours ago

  • anyways I guess sneaks go with suits now adays. Henry is tied to Arsenal for sure he drew them in the champions league draw in Group A and PSG in CL2017.

    by alekhinetroll 46 hours ago

  • Griesman's shoes

    by alekhinetroll 46 hours ago

  • and this too shall pass more hot air and water under the bridge. my appologies to any offended especially my french brothers. What is to be is to be until time is no more. Fear not WFA you are still the best trolls not withstanding.

    by alekhinetroll 46 hours ago