Arwa Société des échecs

Welcome to Arwa Société des échecs  happy.png

I am Aadithya Pradeep; People used to call me in different names, but the name that people use to call the most is Aadi; You can call me like that happy.png

I am 14 and I have been playing chess since I was 7 years old

My current FIDE rating is 1325

The thing I enjoy most in my life is Chess, Computer Education and

________   (Not to be disclosed  happy.png  )

I am preparing to be CMFMIM and GM ..........  happy.png  Join me and lets advance together

To improve on chess I use books but more than that I rely on drills, puzzles, lessons, mentors etc....

The new analysis feature is really helpful and the thing that helped me the most in is the articles by top coaches! So I suggest you use features properly so you can get better at chess.

I am waiting for your instructive opinions and advises on chess so I can improve in chess happy.png 

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